Putzfrau in Zürich, CHF 35.- alles inklusive, AHV, Versicherungen, Ferien

house cleaning services zürich

Reinigungsfirma Guanin

Badenerstrasse 738, 8048 Zürich Tel. 043 311 98 32 - 079 221 45 36 - 079 316 49 80

Housekeeper in Zurich
Cleaning service in Zürich
Office Cleaning
Doing the shopping
Cleaning up after your party
Window cleaning

The price includes the cost of AHV, holiday insurance, accident insurance, etc.
You pay total for one hour CHF 35.00

Do not worry! You don´t have to pay AHV, holidays, insurance, etc.

We pay the AHV, holiday, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation SUVA, non-occupational accident insurance.

We get most of our clients through exisiting customers who refer to us excellent work.

We organise everything regarding your household.

Please let us know your absence during holidays as soon as possible and there will be no charges for you.

-      Office space of 80 - 90m2
Cleaning desks, wash and vacuum the floor, bathroom, empty trashes once a week. 3 hours a week for 90 CHF.

-      Appartment of 2 rooms, 80 – 90 m2
Cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room, vacuum and wash the floor in all rooms. 3 hours a week for fr. 90.-

We are happy to make you an offer for your specific cleaning needs.